Friday, January 2, 2015

Frosty 4

It's kind of strange that I have never raced on New Year's Day. It's not like I'm out partying all night. I'm usually sleepy by 10 pm. Yup, pretty boring but rested. I decided to head over to Salem and race the wicked frosty 4 miler. My training is going well with all the time off from work because of the holidays. Warmed up with Jim, Martin, and Dennis. The start was pretty slow with two guys getting away early. I let both go knowing one of them was last years winner and the guy is quick. The second place guy looked a bit big and I thought there was no way he was holding pace. I caught him around the two mile mark but couldn't get around him. We crested the only hill and I started to get tired and of course the wind was just killing us. He pulled slightly ahead and that is how we finished. A pretty good effort and a good start to the new year. My legs felt great afterwards and I never really bonked on the cool down. I'll be over 50 miles this week for the first time in forever....
I'm pretty focused on a 15k in February followed by the 10 miler.

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