Friday, December 19, 2014



Photo by Mike Scott

My first real trip with CMS team members to a national event and I couldn't be more pumped up.
Even though I love running cross country, it's not my strongest season. The course at LeHigh I thought was a perfect match for my crazy left ankle that seems to roll over at any sign of technical trails. CMS put together 5 solid master runners and it was a blast to spend the weekend with them and have some much needed fun. After hearing how the course might play out, I thought it was best to just hang back a bit for the first mile. 5:40 through mile 1 was perfect, although it felt way too easy and I did all I could do to stay patient. The middle of the race was a grind with two very gradual climbs that really took the wheels off of just about everyone. From 8k on is where everyone seemed to try and open up and fly. There was not a lot of back and forth from this point on, it was just hold your position and get in as quickly as you could. I'm not sure what the official results are yet but we at least got 9th and could be as high as 7th.  It's now time to put in some base miles and maybe run a marathon in May.

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