Sunday, December 25, 2016

Hey Sports fans

So here we are December 2016. I'm on a flight to Tallahassee with my club mates, Jim, Greg, and Todd. A fun group of guys, we get along well. We are on our way to run club nationals in cross country. The last time we did something like this was back two years ago in Pennsylvania. That was the race that kicked me into high gear to do something better that winter in terms of training. I've been thinking about this opportunity ever since. My training is going well. I hit almost 60 miles for the first time in a very long time a few weeks back. Of course getting lost in Willowdale didn't hurt. Here are some things that stick out to me for the year so far.
My racing was very up and down this year. I still think I should be closer to the front than I have been. Having said that, for the most part, it went o.k. We started the year in Cambridge with the 5k distance. Without looking, I think I was 16:40 ish and got beat pretty good in the Masters division. I remember the warm down the most. I think we got confused a bit and ended up on the shoulder of Storrow Drive. I don't think anybody will forgot the Narragansett 5 mile race this year. Pretty much pure survival as we all lined up on a 90 degree plus day. I remember standing on the starting line completely drench in sweat and thinking I was in big trouble. Turns out most of the field was also. I think maybe 29 and change for a time. Crazy, crazy slow but some didn't even finish. I was still fighting one of the worst sprained ankles I've ever had. Damn thing still bothers me on long runs. Welcome to 48 you old bastard. I guess the highlight of the year so far was the Acton 20k. We had just raced a real tough course in New Hampshire which rolled the entire time. I fell apart at 8 miles and hobbled in. I was pretty embarrassed. I just didn't have any real good training leading up to it. The 20k was a different story all together. I felt pretty amazing the entire time. The course is tough but we had done it the previous year so I knew what to expect. It was a blast for me and I finished pretty high up and in the money for the first time. I'll finish here by mentioning the masters 5k road championships. Another road trip with the typical crew of Greg and Jim. It's great to be in a race with some of the best in the U.S. It's a very humbling experience but well worth it. The course is quick and every kilometer was marked. 16:49 was my time. I really thought 16:20 would be in the cards, my legs had other plans in the second half of the race. those are some of the highlights and low lights for 2016. The Grand Prix for 2017 has been announced and the first three races are long and tough. I'm not sure what the winter holds, but as of today, I'm not fired up to road race. Maybe some indoor racing will keep me focused. I guess we shall see.

To be continued

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